Dior Hibiscus Collection for Lunar New Year 2021

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Dior Hibiscus Collection for Lunar New Year 2021


Updated February 2021

Prices reflected the recent increase that occurred on February 1, 2021, for Cruise changes check this post. 

Introducing the Dior Hibiscus Capsule collection released for Lunar New Year 2021 featuring the “China Rose along Ears of Wheat”. The latest collection hits stores right before the Lunar New Year happens on February 12th this year. Certain pieces in the capsule won’t be available in every store so call your store for availability. The Hibiscus collection features a yellow motif with hints of blue adorned with red Hibiscus Rosa-sinensis (or Chinese Hibiscus).

Cruise 2021 is all about different floral motifs including the Mille Fleurs, which features a field of flowers. The Hibiscus capsule; however, is a much lighter print and features a less in your face floral. This collection is extremely limited, call your store for availability.

Style and Price

StyleOld PriceNew Price
Lady Dior Hibiscus Bag$5,600 USD$5,800 USD
Lady Dior Mini Hibiscus Bag$5,100 USD$5,300 USD
Dior Small Book Tote Hibiscus Bag$3,400 USD$3,500 USD
Dior Mini Book Tote Hibiscus Bag$2,550 USD$2,850 USD
Dior Saddle Hibiscus Bag¥32,000
Dior Hibiscus Pouch Clutch$2,050 USD$2,250 USD
Walk’N’Dior Hibiscus Sneaker$990 USDNo Change
Dior Granville Espadrille – Hibiscus$790 USD$850 USD


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