Chanel Pre-Spring 2021 Bag Collection featuring Jewel Chains

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Chanel Pre-Spring 2021 Bag Collection featuring Jewel Chains


Euro Prices for Chanel Pre-Spring 2021 Bag Collection

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Chanel Raffia

Chanel Raffia Deauville Tote Bag€4,200.00
Chanel Red Raffia Medium Flap Bag€3,100.00
Chanel Beige and Black Raffia Drawstring Bag€3,300.00

Chanel 19

Chanel 19 Small Iridescent Bag€4,600.00
Chanel 19 Large Iridescent Bag€5,100.00
Chanel 19 Tie-Dye Blue Calfskin Bag€5,000.00
Chanel 19 CC Printed Fabric Bag€4,500.00
Chanel 19 Tweed Yellow Bag€4,300.00
Chanel 19 Navy Houndstooth Tweed Bag€4,300.00
Chanel 19 Flap Bag (Caramel or Blue)€4,500.00
Chanel 19 Red Whipstitch Lambskin Bag€5,200.00

Chanel Flaps

Chanel Silver Square Mini Bag€3,350.00
Chanel Pink Metallic Rectangular Mini Bag€3,500.00
Chanel Resin Chain Mini Bag€3,700.00
Chanel Rainbow Metal Blue Flap Bag€6,500.00
Chanel Rainbow Metal Green Small Flap Bag€6,000.00
Chanel Rainbow Metal Pink Mini Flap Bag€3,850.00
Chanel Scarf Entwined Chain Green Mini Flap Bag€3,200.00
Chanel Scarf Entwined Chain Yellow Flap Bag€3,500.00
Chanel Shiny Lambskin Leather Entwined Chain Flap€3,950.00

Embellished Flaps

Chanel Grafitti Logo Sequins Pink Bag€5,200.00
Chanel Sequin with CC Logo Flap Bag€4,500.00
Chanel Sequin with CC Logo Large Flap Bag€5,200
Chanel Embossed Shiny Calfskin Bag€4,600.00



Chanel White Camera Case with Entwined Chain€3,900.00
Chanel Yellow Mini Flap Bag with Entwined Chain€3,900.00
Chanel White Flap Bag with Entwined Chain€4,300.00
Chanel Red Drawstring Bag with Entwined Chain€4,500.00



Chanel Blue Tweed Mini Flap Bag€3,200.00
Chanel Knit Multicolor Blue Flap Bag€4,800.00
Chanel Purple & Pink Wavy Textile Flap Bag€3,200.00

Top Handles


Chanel Coco Handle Caramel Medium Bag€3,950.00
Chanel Coco Handle Small Bag€3,650.00
Chanel Coco Handle Mini Bag with Rainbow Handles€3,450.00
Chanel White Business Affinity Bag€3,900.00

Laser Cut

Chanel See Through Flap Bag€3,800.00
Chanel See Through Large Flap Bag€4,100.00
Chanel See Through Drawstring Bag€3,800.00


Chanel Large Drawstring Tote with Chain Bag€4,500.00
Chanel Drawstring Tote with Chain Bag€4,250.00
Chanel Drawstring Bag€3,400.00


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