Chanel Maxi Pearls WOC Reference Guide

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Chanel Maxi Pearls WOC Reference Guide


Introducing the Chanel Maxi Pearls Wallet on Chain. This style is part of Chanel’s Fall/Winter 2020 Collection. The classic lambskin wallet on chain gets a chic new update with a strap adorned with imitation pearls.

It is available in the regular and mini sizes. The pearl strap is one of the most popular designs from the collection. Chanel’s iconic pearls brings in an elegant touch on the casual WOC. It can be worn as an everyday bag or used as an evening bag.

Style, Price & Size




Chanel Maxi Pearls -Wallet on ChainTBD4.8″ × 7.5″ × 1.4″
Chanel Maxi Pearls – Mini Wallet on Chain$3,450.00 (USD)4.3″ × 6″ × 1.8″


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