Instagram Disabled my Account at 119k Followers


Instagram Disabled my Account at 119k Followers


Some miracle happened and my account is back! 💗 Hallelujah 💗 Follow my back up account below just in case. Thanks for everyone that reached out.


Not my usual post but just wanted to let everyone know if you follow Spotted Fashion on Instagram, that my account was disabled this morning due to posting of Fraudulent or Misleading content.

Follow me on @Spottedfashioncom my old handle.

I am not sure but I have a feeling it’s because I last posted about a Fuschia/pink color Chanel Mini WOC with Pearl chain. Apparently there is a version of this coming out for winter unless I am completely mistaken, that it’s not just coming out in black.

Anyways, the purpose of Instagram has always been to drive traffic to the website, I don’t sell bags and when people ask I always refer them to authentic sellers only or ask them to visit the store directly.

That being said, it is not the end of the world as the blog still exists, I’m not going to stop posting just cause Instagram doesn’t care about it’s content creators. This is a one man operation too, I don’t have the means to fund this site other than it’s been a passion project since 2011. I’ve had to deal with Google penalizing me for SEO a few years ago, people copying the content to distribute counterfeit stores, being hacked on multiple occasions and now this is something else I will learn to overcome!!

If you have tips please reach out to me at [email protected] or if you are in the same boat feel free to DM me!

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