Chanel Spring 2020 Act 2 Bag Collection featuring Matte Hardware

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Chanel Spring 2020 Act 2 Bag Collection featuring Matte Hardware


Introducing the bags of Chanel Spring 2020 Act 2 featuring new Matte hardware bags. This season features more classic bags with subtle updated twists including added chain and pearl details. Virginie Viard presented a very subdued and safe collection for Spring 2020 for her spring debut as Creative Director, but the bags for Act 2 definitely don’t disappoint as Chanel lovers are going to appreciate their much loved classic revamped in new ways. The Deauville for instance is adorned with pearls and the classic Tweed flap appears with chain mail details all over the bag sides. Intertwined in the Tweed bags are Chanel Logo ribbons that are only visible upon closer inspection. Chanel 19 bags are back and this time appear in denim and vibrant spring colors such as fuschia and neon green.

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Runway Bags

Chanel Floral Sequins Classic FlapTBD
Chanel Floral Sequins Mini Bag$10,500 USD
Chanel Pink Tweed Mini Flap Bag$3,300 USD
Chanel Classic Tweed Red Flap Bag$5,400 USD
Chanel Pink Tweed Bowling Bag$3,600 USD
Chanel Chain Tweed Flap Mini Bag (also Calfskin)$7,400 USD
Chanel Pink Ombre Sequins Flap Bag$10,400 USD
Chanel Pink Ombre Mini Sequins Flap Bag (also Blue)$3,400 USD

Matte Hardware

Chanel Matte Hardware Flap Bag$3,600 USD

Chanel 19

Chanel 19 Maxi Blue Graphic Textile Bag$4,600 USD
Chanel 19 Denim Large Flap Bag$4,600 USD
Chanel 19 Tweed Large Flap Bag$4,600 USD
Chanel 19 Maxi Calfskin Flap Bag$5,600 USD
Chanel 19 Large Calfskin Flap Bag$5,100 USD

Classic Flaps, Gabrielle & Boy Bags

Chanel Gabrielle Pink Small Bag$3,900 USD
Chanel Medium Gabrielle Blue Bag$4,100 USD
Chanel Medium Denim Logo Handle Gabrielle Bag$4,900 USD
Chanel Square Mini Flap Bag$3,200 USD
Chanel Rectangle Mini Flap Bag$3,500 USD

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Chain Embellished

Chanel Filigree Chain Vanity Bag$6,000 USD
Chanel Filigree Chain Small Vanity Bag$5,800 USD
Chanel Chain Timeless Classic Large Flap$5,600 USD
Chanel Chained Drawstring Bag$4,400 USD
Chanel Drawstring Grey Bag$3,400 USD
Chanel Small Drawstring Bag$3,100 USD
Chanel Frame with Chain Handle Bag$5,300 USD
Chanel Small Frame with Chain Handle Bag$4,600 USD
Chanel Logo Chain Waist Bag$3,600 USD

Pearl Embellished

Chanel Pearl Deauville Bag$3,500 USD
Chanel Mini Flap with Pearl on Chain$4,100 USD
Chanel Logo Chain Pearl Vertical Flap$4,000 USD
Chanel Logo Chain Pearl Mini Flap$4,400 USD
Chanel  Flap Metal Bar Clutch Bag$4,100 USD

Other Bags

Chanel Half Moon Pleated Clutch$2,575 USD
Chanel Pleats Classic Flap Bag$4,100 USD
Chanel Mini Quilted Hobo Clutch$3,900 USD
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