Louis Vuitton Horizon Earphones Reference Guide

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Louis Vuitton Horizon Earphones Reference Guide


Audiophiles looking for a stylish escape from the regular Airpods might want to consider the Louis Vuitton Earphones. Available in five new colors, Louis Vuitton released the Horizon Earphones last year to complement users of the Tambour Horizon smartwatch. These wireless earphones don’t come cheap at approximately $1,000 USD and boast some of the best sounds on the market. The original manufacturer is Master & Dynamic and the model is MW07 buds that retail for $300 USD, so you’re basically paying an extra $700 for the Louis Vuitton branding. Business Insider did an excellent review on these so I would consider that before buying them. The earphones are definitely very cool so if you’re not fussed about sound quality or needing noise cancellation then its a worthy buy!



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