Fendi Fur Shearling Bags for Fall 2019

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Fendi Fur Shearling Bags for Fall 2019


This season Fendi has a number of incredibly cozy bags made in Shearling and Mink in their classic styles, Baguette, Mon Tresor and Peekaboo. The bags will be made available in their FF Monogram print in fluffy and soft material. The brand has also made fun bag accessories in monogram print that work well as additional strap covers or secondary bag straps on your existing bag. Colors include the classic Fendi Khaki and Bright Neon Pink.

Style and Price

StyleUS PriceEU Price
Fendi Baguette Shearling Bag$3,290.00€2,600.00
Fendi Baguette Mini Shearling Bag$2,390.00€2,200.00
Fendi Mini Peekaboo Shearling BagTBD€1,850.00
Fendi Peekaboo  Large Shearling Bag$5,900.00€3,900.00
Fendi Shearling Mini BackapackTBD€1,980.00
Fendi Shearling Tresor Bucket BagTBD€1,850.00
Fendi Shearling Handle Accessory$1,190.00€950.00
Fendi Shearling Strap Cover$490.00€360.00


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