Chanel Cruise 2020 Bag Collection featuring Denim

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Chanel Cruise 2020 Bag Collection featuring Denim


Euro Prices for Cruise 2020

Rouge Bags

Chanel Patent Bicolor Flap Bag€5,150.00
Chanel Rollaway Luggage Bag€6,900.00
Chanel Large Bowling Bag€5,700.00
Chanel Red Camera Bag with Top Handle€3,500.00
Chanel Small Vanity with Large Strap€4,050.00
Chanel Large Vanity with Strap€4,350.00

Chanel 19 Cruise Bags

Chanel Maxi 19 Bag – Cruise€5,150.00
Chanel Large 19 Bag – Cruise€4,400.00
Chanel Waist 19 Belt Bag – Cruise€3,150.00

Denim Bags

Chanel Denim Backpack€3,350.00
Chanel XXL Flap Bag€3,800.00
Chanel Denim Mini Flap Bag€2,500.00
Chanel Medium Denim Flap Bag€3,000.00
Chanel 31 Top Handle Bag€2,950.00
Chanel Vanity Denim Bag€3,000.00
Chanel Large Traveller Denim Bag€5,150.00
Chanel Denim Rollaway Luggage€5,500.00
Chanel Navy Denim Flap Bag€3,250.00


Multicolor Bags

Chanel Multicolor Plexi Vanity Bag€4,150.00
Chanel Vertical Plexi Vanity Bag€4,150.00
Chanel Tricolor Belt Bag€3,050.00
Chanel Deauville Multicolor Tote€3,850.00
Chanel Multicolor Tweed Flap Bag€3,470.00

Circular Handle

Chanel Large Duffel Bag with Circle Handle€5,250.00
Chanel Duffel Bag with Circle Handle€4,750.00
Chanel Mini Flap with Circle Handle€3,500.00

Classic Flaps & Boys

Chanel Boy Embroidered€4,650.00
Chanel Medium Flap Textile with Applique€9,000.00
Chanel Medium Flap Runway€3,800.00
Chanel Quilted Duffel with Flap€5,000.00

Limited Edition

Chanel Water Bottle Bag€4,700.00
Chanel Acrylic Runway Minaudiere CameraTBD

Other Bags

Chanel Mini Bowler Bag€4,500.00
Chanel Mini Vanity Shoulder Bag€3,850.00
Chanel Tote Bag with Chains€4,850.00
Chanel Basket Vanity Bag€3,400.00
Chanel Belt Bumbag€2,990.00
Chanel Top Handle Multipocket Tote€4,200.00
Chanel Gabrielle Basket Weave Bag€4,300.00
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