Louis Vuitton Xmas Vivienne Collection Launches Nov 1

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Louis Vuitton Xmas Vivienne Collection Launches Nov 1


Introducing the Louis Vuitton Christmas Collection featuring the iconic Vivienne. This year the motifs are different locations including Shanghai, Paris, Venice, Courchevel and Tokyo. Tokyo has exclusivity and their accessories will only be available in that country. Stores should be stocking these shortly and the official release will be on November 1, 2019. Styles include the Pochette, Mini Pochette, long wallets, key chains, notebooks and pencil cases. The Vivienne will be featured in a wide variety of images including in a hot air balloon, ski lift, by the Eiffel Tower and in a gondola. This collection will be extremely limited, contact your SA to get your hands on one before release!

Vivienne Xmas Collection

Louis Vuitton Vivienne Pochette Double Zip$1,070€705£685
Louis Vuitton Vivienne Mini Pochette$375€255£235
Louis Vuitton Vivienne Sarah Wallet$995€615£510
Louis Vuitton Vivienne Zippy Wallet$930€605£575
Louis Vuitton Vivienne Bag Charm & Key Holder$330€175£165
Louis Vuitton Vivienne Passport Holder$370€250£235
Louis Vuitton Vivienne Notebook$235€205£170
Louis Vuitton Vivienne Elizabeth Pencil Case$515€360£320






Courchevel – French Alps


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