Christian Dior Spring 2020 Runway Bag Collection

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Christian Dior Spring 2020 Runway Bag Collection


Introducing the Dior Spring 2020 Runway bag collection, the show was beautifully set amidst a myriad of trees which will be replanted in the future once the show ended. Sustainability and earth were on the mind as much of the handbags these season were non-leather and made of soft textiles. New styles include variations of the Dior 30 Montaigne bag, which is available in different flap configuration and as a tote. The classic Book Tote is going to be made with the classic Cannage print, and the Lady Dior bag as well in a durable textile fabric. Overall, the bags this season are definitely desirable but not as innovative. New materials and colors such as Black on Black are introduced. Logos also play an important part of this seasons collection and are found adorned on the Dior saddle.

Dior Spring 2020 Bags

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