Dior Small Book Tote Bag Reference Guide


Updated July 2019

The very popular Book Tote will soon be released with a smaller version. The small size is perfect for a casual and everyday bag. The new size was actually made available in Japan early this month, but quickly sold out. It will be made available worldwide this May 2019. It was priced at ¥250,000 for the Oblique Canvas. The original size currently retails for $2,700 (USD). The Small Book Tote will be available in four Oblique Canvas colors, Burgundy, Blue, Khaki and Brown. It will also come in leather material and the new KaléiDiorscopic motif.

Currently this style wont release until January 2020, the new Dior Champs-Elysees was carrying limited quantities starting af 2,200€ for oblique version. US prices listed below.

Check out the comparison between the original size and the smaller version.


Style, Price & Size




Dior Small Book Tote Bag Oblique Print$2,200.00 (USD)14.4″ x 11″ x 6.9″
Dior Small Book Tote Bag Limited Print$2,400.00 (USD)14.4″ x 11″ x 6.9″