Chanel Bans Exotic Skins and Fur

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Chanel Bans Exotic Skins and Fur


Chanel recently announced that they would stop producing items made of lizards, crocodiles, snakes and stingray. The recent announcement was made before the Parisian brand held its Métiers d’Art show in New York.

The difficulty in obtaining such materials in the brand’s ethical standards is the reason why Chanel has decided to stop using these. Fur has also been banned by the brand, although this material was not that much used in their collections. Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Versace and Burberry have already stopped using furs, but no word yet if they will also be banning the use of exotic skins. This new report has made American animal rights organization PETA rejoice, calling all other brands to follow suit including LVMH. Chanel brings in this decision as an opportunity to create products in a new generation, focusing on fabric and leather from the agri-food industries.

Meanwhile, the exotic handbags in the Chanel website are no longer available. It may take some time for these bags to be out in the market, but expect prices to soar now that these designs will be soon become unavailable.

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