Ugly Dad Designer Sneaker Trend

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Ugly Dad Designer Sneaker Trend


Ever since Balenciaga released the Balenciaga Triple S, the “Ugly Dad Sneaker” has been trending. The Triple S features an American style oversized trainers. It has a chunky shape that became famous back in the 90s. Many designers have released their own version, including Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Dior and Chanel. Even Kanye West debuted his own, the Adidas Yeezy Boost 700 Wave Runner. It came out with a retail price of $300 (USD), but is now reselling up to $580.
While some of these sneakers are mostly designed for men, a lot of women are also wearing them. It is a perfect casual pair, which works well with jeans, shorts, dresses and skirts. It seems that these are the coolest sneakers right now, and it might stay for a while. Here are some of the hottest designs from the top luxury brands.

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Balenciaga Triple S Trainers – $850.00 (USD)
Balenciaga Triple S Trainers
LV Archlight Sneaker – $1,090.00 (USD)
LV Archlight Sneaker
Chanel Fabric/Lambskin/Suede Sneakers – $1,050.00 (USD)
Chanel Fabric/Lambskin/Suede Sneakers
Gucci Rhyton Sneakers – $820.00 (USD)
Gucci Rhyton Sneakers
Dior Homme Trainers – $970.00 (USD)
Dior Homme Trainers
Valentino Made One Sneaker – $895.00 (USD)
Valentino Made One Sneaker
Vetements Genetically Modified Pump Sneakers – $990.00 (USD)
Vetements Genetically Modified Pump Sneakers
adidas Yeezy Wave Runner 700 – $580.00 (USD)
adidas Yeezy Wave Runner 700

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