Hermes Spring/Summer 2017 Scarves Reference Guide

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Hermes Spring/Summer 2017 Scarves Reference Guide


Presenting the Hermes Spring/Summer 2017 Scarves. This season’s theme is “Object Sense“. Aside from different kinds of objects, other designs are nature, animals and the brand’s signature horse/equestrian theme. The new patterns for this season are Aloha, Bibliotheque, Carre en Boucles, Selle d’Officier en Grande Tenue, Harnais de Cour Tattoo, Brides de Gala Love and Zebra Pegasus. Reissue prints includes Paperoles, Passementerie Quadri, Brides Fleuries and Coup de Fouet au Bloc.
Check out the full Spring/Summer 2017 Scarves with other colorways at

Hermes Silk Twill Pocket Square 45 – $175.00 (USD)

Hermes Silk Twill Scarf 90 – $395.00 (USD)

Hermes Silk Twill Giant Scarf 140 – $780.00 (USD)

Hermes Silk Chiffon Shawl 140 – $870.00 (USD)

Hermes Cashmere and Silk Shawl GM – $1,100.00 (USD)

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