Diorever Bag with Corners From Fall/Winter 2016

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Diorever Bag with Corners From Fall/Winter 2016


Dior’s Fall/Winter 2016 Collection presents Diorever Tote Bags in new styles. This season, the Diorever comes in Pony-Effect with Calfskin corners and Smooth Prestige Calfskin with Roccia Python corners. The Pony-Effect comes in bold colors like Green, Yellow, Dark Red and Pink and usually comes with contrasting colored corners. The Smooth Prestige Calfskin is available in Black and Red wherein the corners are in natural colored Python.

Style & Price



Dior Smooth Prestige Calfskin and Roccia Python Diorever Bag with Corners€3,700.00
Dior Pony-Effect Calfskin Diorever Bag with Corners€3,400.00
Dior Pony-Effect Calfskin Mini Diorever Bag with Corners€3,000.00


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