Vogue Fashion's Night Out 2015 Worldwide Information

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Vogue Fashion's Night Out 2015 Worldwide Information


On its seventh year, Vogue has started hosting Fashion’s Night Out once again. This exciting event started in 2009 wherein Vogue International Editions are collaborating with various brands to join this once a year affair. About 23 cities across 19 markets are participating this year, including London, Tokyo, Amsterdam and Madrid. The event has already kicked off which started late August in Shanghai, China and Melbourne, Australia.
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2 locations on different dates
Berlin: September 9, 2015 / Düsseldorf: September 11, 2015
Vogue Fashion's Night Out - Germany
Last August, Vogue Germany held a contest wherein 50 VFNO tees from 0039 Italy were given away. Participating stores will be open til midnight for this special event. Participants includes Jimmy Choo, Swarovski and 7 For All Mankind. More information on Germany Fashion’s Night Out on Vogue Germany, for Berlin and Düsseldorf. Visit their Facebook account for updates.

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