Hermes Plume Tote Bag Reference Guide

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Hermes Plume Tote Bag Reference Guide


Introducing the Hermes Plume Tote Bag. The Plume Bag is the brand’s oldest design, dating back to the 60s. “Plume” meaning a long soft feather, describes the bag perfectly as it is lightweight. The bag takes about two and a half weeks to make, making it the most difficult one to be made. It is made of full leather and comes with two handles and a zipped top. It comes in different sizes, 21cm, 28cm, 32cm, 12H, 24H and Fourre-Tout 40. The 12H is a laptop bag that incudes a removable laptop case. The 24H and Fourre-Tout 40 are luggage bags designed for traveling with ease. The 32cm size is the one currently available in Hermes online store.

Plume 32cm Bag




Hermes Plume Bag€5,250.0032cm L x 23cm H x 11.5cm D

Plume 28cm Bag

28cm L x 21cm H x 10.5 D

Plume 21cm Bag

21cm L x 17cm H x 6cm D

Plume 12H Bag

Plume 24H Bag

Plume Fourre-Tout 40 Bag

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