Celine Bags with Colored Trim for Fall / Winter 2014

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Celine Bags with Colored Trim for Fall / Winter 2014


Introducing the Celine Bags with Colored trim for Fall / Winter 2014. This season includes the classic Trapeze and Mini Luggage totes with colored trim, which was first only introduced in the Phantom style. The colors of trim leather piping are in bright fuschia on khaki, dark green with yellow and also azur blue on burgundy. So far we have spotted this style on the Mini Luggage, Micro Luggage, Mini Trapeze and Belt tote bag. Availability differs depending on the country as not every department store will buy the full array of each collection. The exterior leather appears to only come in Palmelato, which is a much costlier and also is easily scratched.

Style and Price

Celine Mini Trapeze bag with All Leather with blue trim (blue wings)$2,700 USD
Celine Mini Trapeze bag with Suede wings and pink trim$2,850 USD
Celine Mini Luggage Tote Bag in Palmelato with Pink trim$3,600 USD
Celine Micro Luggage Tote Bag in Burgundy with Blue trim$3,300 USD
Celine Belt bag with Pink Trim$2,600 USD


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