Hermes Toolbox Tote Bag Reference Guide

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Hermes Toolbox Tote Bag Reference Guide


Presenting the Hermes Toolbox Tote Bag. This bag first came out in 2010 for the brand’s Fall/Winter 2010 Collection. This top handle bag features a turn lock closure that is also seen on the iconic Kelly bag. It has a spacious interior with three large flat pockets. It also includes a wide shoulder strap that is adjustable and removable, the bag can be carried by hand or on the shoulder. The bag also has wings on the side that can be opened for a larger interior.
The Hermes Toolbox Bag comes in three sizes, 20cm, 26cm and 33cm. The 33cm size is recommended to use as a travel bag. Available in Swift, Evercolor and Niloticus Crocidile, for a guide on Hermes leather see here.

Where To Buy

Currently, the Hermes Toolbox Bag is available in Hermes boutiques and online store depending on your country. The Hermes Toolbox Bags can also be purchased at Spotted Mall from authentic resellers that specialized in resale of designer products.

Style, Price & Size




Hermes Toolbox 20cm Bag$7,000.00 (USD)20cm W x 21cm H x 15cm D
Hermes Toolbox 26cm Bag$7,800.00 (USD)26cm W x 25cm H x 18cm D
Hermes Toolbox 33cm Bag€6,700.00 (Coversion: $8,800.00 USD)33cm W x 37cm H x 23cm D


Soucre: Hermes

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