Spotted Mall an Easier Way to Shop at Authentic Luxury Stores

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Spotted Mall an Easier Way to Shop at Authentic Luxury Stores


Here at Spotted Fashion we try to be the foremost when it comes to providing reliable data and also to be able to deliver information in a manner that is useful to our readers. We are currently launching our new site called Spotted Mall, which was developed to improve the luxury resale buying experience. [box type=”shadow” width=”600″ ]

Spotted Mall is still in the Beta version so your feedback is appreciated.

 We Hope You Like It!



Over the last few months as the site has gotten larger it was apparent that many readers look to buy either their first handbag or a coveted handbag that was featured in a previous season that is no longer being produced. However, as prices continue to rise and supply becomes limited there is little alternative to buy a luxury item other than the resale market. The issue with the designer resale market is that there is a degree of risk when it comes to buying a used item due to lack of central method to validate that an item is purchased is authentic. [box type=”success” align=”alignleft” width=”600″ ]Spotted Mall was built to try and reduce the guess work behind buying an authentic luxury resale item by curating sellers with a good reputation in one place.[/box] There is no way to guarantee an item is authentic, it still takes quite a bit of research. However, there are a handful of stores that are in the business of ensuring that they provide their customers with a high quality item.  Risks are reduced when certain policies are in place to make sure your transaction with the store is seamless. [box type=”success” align=”alignleft” width=”600″ ]Spotted Mall makes it easier for you to shop specific luxury consignment stores in one place.  It allows the user to find out more about the retailer and exactly where they are purchasing from. [/box] For seasoned savvy shoppers, searching through five sites and monitoring the good ones that always sell out on the most coveted pieces is a hassle. [box type=”success” align=”alignleft” width=”600″ ]Spotted Mall lets users sort and compare different items from a number of stores instead of checking stores one at a time. Registered members may get alerts notifying them of price changes and can save items in a wishlist. [/box]   Read the About Section of Spotted Mall for more information and the current list of stores included.

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