Hermes Maxi Twilly Scarf Reference Guide

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Hermes Maxi Twilly Scarf Reference Guide


Introducing the guide to the Hermes Maxi Twilly Scarf. It was introduced back in Fall 2013. It is made of silk and available in few different designs. Brazil and Cavalcadour were the first designs that came out. For 2014, three new designs were released, Brides de Gala, Kachinas and Astrologie Nouvelle. Hermes Japan has also released a Spring/Summer 2014 Japan-only Limited Edition, the Serio Ludere Maxi Twilly. The scarf is available only in Hermes Japan Online and Maison Hermes Ginza. The Maxi Twilly can be used in many ways, as a scarf, neck wrap, belt or headband, the different variations can be seen in the video above.
Here are some ways on how to wear the Maxi Twilly:

Style, Price & Size




Hermes Maxi Twilly$335.00 (USD)87″ x 8″ (20×220cm)


Source: Hermes

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