Balenciaga Bag Price Increases Effective for City Bags from May 2014

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Balenciaga Bag Price Increases Effective for City Bags from May 2014


Balenciaga has recently increased their bag prices effective May 1, 2014. The Classic RH bags has received the most price increase, going up to more than 18% or up to $300.00 (USD). The mini bags and Giant Hardware bags have increased approximately $100.00 (USD).  The small increase are meant to lower the price difference between the Classic bags and the Giant 12 hardware bags. The new prices are now available on
Note: It appears retailers have not yet updated their prices so perhaps the increase will begin to trickle down soon. See below for prices from Mytheresa that have yet to increase. Where to Buy
Here are some of the price difference of some of Balenciaga’s popular bags. For the rest of the Balenciaga Bag prices, visit the Balenciaga Price List Reference Guide. For more information of the different types of Balenciaga Bags, you may also check out the Balenciaga Bag Reference Guide.

Balenciaga Classic First RH Bag$1,685.00 (USD)$1,395.00 (USD)20.7%
Balenciaga First G12 Bag$1,835.00 (USD)$1,745.00 (USD)5.1%
Balenciaga Classic City RH Bag$1,835.00 (USD)$1,545.00 (USD)18.7%
Balenciaga City G12 Bag$1,985.00 (USD)$1,895.00 (USD)4.7%
Balenciaga Mini City G12 Bag$1,395.00 (USD)$1,345.00 (USD)3.7%
Balenciaga Part Time G12 Bag$2,025.00 (USD)$1,945.00 (USD)4.1%
Balenciaga Classic Part Time Bag$1,875.00 (USD)$1,595.00 (USD)17.6%
Balenciaga Classic Work Bag$1,945.00 (USD)$1,695.00 (USD)14.7%
Balenciaga Work G12 Bag$2,095.00 (USD)$2,045.00 (USD)2.4%
Balenciaga Hip Bag$765.00 (USD)$725.00 (USD)5.5%
Balenciaga Le Dix Zip Cartable Bag$2,295.00 (USD)$2,250.00 (USD)2.0%

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