Balenciaga Le Dix Backpack Bag Reference Guide

Balenciaga, Brand Guides, Spring-Summer 2014

Balenciaga Le Dix Backpack Bag Reference Guide


Along the heels of the recent backpack trend, Balenciaga also releases a backpack version of their iconic ‘Le Dix‘ that was designed by Alexander Wang. Wang is known for his street wear roots so its no wonder that a backpack version of his first bag with Balenciaga is created.  The ‘Le Dix‘ backpack features an elongated shape with two straps. It includes the same features as the classic Le Dix tote but with double straps. The new bag is part of the Spring / Summer 2014 collection and is available in stores now.

Style, Price  and Size

Balenciaga Le Dix Backpack Bag$1,765.00 (USD)13.0 x 10.25 x 3.5



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