Chloe Fall / Winter 2014 Runway Bag Collection

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Chloe Fall / Winter 2014 Runway Bag Collection


Introducing the bags of the Chloe Fall / Winter 2014 runway collection.  This season the Bailey shopping tote bag makes a debut, this bag was first introduced in the Pre-fall 2014 collection.  Models wore the tote folder over, although rather uncomfortably as the leather is pretty thick to fold over.  Much of the runway bags at Chloe are typically worn folded or under the arm pit despite having handles and straps.
Another new style introduced appears to be a hybrid oversized clutch with soft handles that can be tucked away from view. When these bags appeared on the runway, they seemed to be clutches but upon closer inspection are totes. Finally a large tote with a soft flap and long tassels is also introduced.


Source: Chloe

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