Louis Vuitton Parnassea Bag Colors for Spring / Summer 2014

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Louis Vuitton Parnassea Bag Colors for Spring / Summer 2014


Louis Vuitton Parnassea bags for Spring / Summer 2014 are now available at Louis Vuitton stores. The colors for this season include Milk with red trim, Galet Grey, Lilac Purple and Terracotta Brown. The more expensive and delicate leather ‘Veau Racine’ will also be available this spring in the new ‘Biface’ style as well as the Sofia Coppola BB bag. Not pictured is a black leather with red trim bag that will also be made available in the Capucine style. The colored trim bags currently only appeared in the Sofia Coppola styles; however in the Parnassea series it will be available in Sofia Coppolla BB, Alma PPM and the Vivenne bag. Bags should already be available in stores and are made available in certain European countries online.
For the full line of Louis Vuitton S/S 2014 bags, see here.

Milk with Red Trim

Terracotta Brown

Lilac Purple

Magnolia Pink

Tan Veau Racine

Source: Louis Vuitton

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