Chanel Spring/Summer 2014 Runway Bag Collection

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Chanel Spring/Summer 2014 Runway Bag Collection


Introducing the bags of the Chanel Spring/Summer 2014 Runway collection. The theme of the entire runway collection and the show revolved around Chanel as “Art” and Karl Lagerfeld did not disappoint with his take on modern art. There were life size Chanel Flaps hung upside down on the walls and a giant Chanel No. 5 Bottle Robot, which was placed alongside the runway.
The pieces are also masterpieces in of itself as the Chanel Boy flaps and Classic 2.55 Flaps were created on “painted canvas” and include graffiti / airbrushed exteriors. The Chanel Boy Brick bags and Chanel Lego bags are also back but in incredibly bright ombre colors. Lastly the most covetable bag from the collection is likely the Chanel Logo CC Graffiti backpacks, which were airbrushed like street art covered in the CC logos with the Rue Cambon address.

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