The Guide to Hermes Scarves for Spring and Fall 2013

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The Guide to Hermes Scarves for Spring and Fall 2013


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Introducing the Hermes Scarves from Spring and Fall 2013 collections. The Hermes scarf was first introduced in 1937. Since then, Hermes has produced thousands of designs for their scarves. The scarves are available in different colors and sizes . It comes in three sizes, 70, 90 and 140. The number corresponds to the length of the scarf. Scarves are used in a variety of ways from shirts, belts, ties and bows to name a few.
Hermes also produces narrow scarves called Twillies. It is a scarf which is longer in length, much like a tie and stitched on both sides. Twillies are versatile and usually adorn the handles of purses, used as neckties and can be wrapped on the wrist as a bracelet.
Here are some of the Hermes scarves from Spring and Fall 2013 Collection.

Style, Price & Size




Hermes TwillyStarts at $140.00 (USD)32″ x 2″
Hermes Scarf 70Starts at $325.00 (USD)28″ x 28″
Hermes Scarf 90Starts at $410.00 (USD)36″ x 36″
Hermes Scarf 140Starts at $820.00 (USD)56″ x 56″


Spring 2013

Fall 2013

Source: Hermes

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