Louis Vuitton Parnasséa Collection

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Louis Vuitton Parnasséa Collection


Updated as of August 2014

Introducing the Louis Vuitton Parnasséa Collection. Louis Vuitton has taken inspiration from Parnassus, known as the mythical dwelling place of the muses. Set to launch this coming July, this new collection features four bags, the Alma, Sofia Coppola bag and two new designs, which are the Vivienne S-Lock and Capucines bags. Four kinds of leather will also be released, Taurillon, Box Calfskin, Veau Cachemire and Veau Racine. The very popular Sofia Coppola bag will now be available in a new size, which is the SC BB Bag, it will come with a long shoulder strap and costs $3,950.00 in the US. While the Alma Bag, also comes in a new size, this is the Alma PPM bag. This will be a permanent collection, though the colors will be seasonal.
Source: Louis Vuitton

Alma Bag

Sofia Coppola Bag

Vivienne S-Lock Bag

Capucines Bag

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