Chanel Hula Hoop Bag Reference Guide

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Chanel Hula Hoop Bag Reference Guide


Introducing the Chanel Hula Hoop Bag. Officially called the Wind Power Bag, this was first seen at the Chanel Spring / Summer 2013 Runway show back in October. Made of lambskin leather, the classic flap bag is attached into two hula hoops that serves as a handle for the bag. It features the signature flap and CC closure in silver hardware. It’s the hottest accessory for Spring and is available in red, yellow, blue and white.
Check-out some of the ways the Hula Hoop bag has been toted below!

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Chanel Hula Hoop Small Bag$2,700.00 (USD)11” L x 5.5” H x 3” W
Chanel Hula Hoop Medium Bag$3,100.00 (USD)13” L x 7” H x 4” W


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