Mulberry Del Rey Bag Reference Guide

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Mulberry Del Rey Bag Reference Guide


DOLCE & GABBANA for women
Introducing the Mulberry Del Rey Bag. Inspired by the retro style of American singer-songwriter, Lana Del Rey, this bag was launched early this year. The bag has a simple style yet it remains a classic piece. It comes in three sizes, Small Del Rey, the Del Rey and Oversized Del Rey. Celebrities who have been seen toting this bag are Sienna Miller, Ashley Greene and Jennifer Lawrence.


Style, Price & Size




Del Rey

Mulberry Del Rey Bag$1,500.00 (USD)9 ½” H x 13 ¼” W x 6” D
Mulberry Snake Print Del Rey Bag$1,850.00 (USD)
Mulberry Croc Print Del Rey Bag$2,400.00 (USD)
Mulberry Ostrich Del Rey Bag$7,500.00 (USD)

Small Del Rey

Mulberry Small Del Rey Bag$1,350.00. (USD)7” H x 13 ¼” W x 6” D

Oversized Del Rey

Mulberry Oversized Del Rey Bag$1,650.00 (USD)11” H x 16 ½” W x 6 ¼” D
Mulberry Croc Print Oversized Del Rey Bag$3,000.00 (USD)
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