Chanel Bag Tag Reference Guide


Chanel Bag Tag Reference Guide


For those who are wondering what the first 2 numbers and letter means in your Chanel bag tags, read on!
The first two numbers identifies the year the bag was made.
While the letter stands for the Collection that the bag came from. There are four different collection for every Chanel bag.
A is the Autumn Collection.
P is the Printemp or Spring Collection.
S is the Summer Collection.
00V is a Continuous line, it means that the item is made every season. It cannot be assigned with a certain year or season, unless Chanel decides to discontinue it. An example of this is the Chanel Classic Flap Bag in Black.
07C = 2007 Cruise Collection
12A = 2012 Autumn Collection
11P = 2011 Printemp (or Spring) Collection


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