Chanel Coco Cabas Bag Reference Guide

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Chanel Coco Cabas Bag Reference Guide


Introducing the Chanel Coco Cabas bag, it features a unique signature CC chain strap in a hobo style. It comes either with a large CC pendant or has the CC logo stitched into the front. It’s a fairly substantially large sized bag which can be used as a carry-on for travel or if you’re a mom needing to bring a lot of things with you. Features a unique quilted stiched base.

Where to Buy

This bag is no longer being produced, however, the Coco Cabas bag is still available in Spotted Mall from authorized resellers who specialize in the resale of authentic luxury items.

Style, Price & Size




Chanel Calfskin Baby Coco Cabas Bag$2,190.00 (USD)15” x 9” x 7”
Chanel Baby Coco Cabas Large Bag$2,295.00 (USD)20” x 10” x 8”
Chanel Caviar Coco Cabas Bag$2,450.00 (USD)20.5” x 11” x 6.5”
Chanel Patent Coco Cabas Extra Large Bag$1,655.00 (USD)24” x 14.5” 8”
Chanel Denim Coco Cabas Bag$1,899.00 (USD)18” x 11” x 7.5”
Chanel Metallic Coco Cabas Extra Large Bag3,500.00 (USD)23” x 14” x 8”
Chanel Metallic Coco Cabas Bag$2,099.00 (USD)20.5” x 11” x 6.5”



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