Celine Mini Luggage and Phantom Bags for Fall 2012

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Celine Mini Luggage and Phantom Bags for Fall 2012


There are two bags I’m especially excited for, it is the ‘New’ Celine Nubuck Mini Luggage bags ($2,400USD) and the Celine Phantom bags with Blue or Orange trim ($2600-2950USD, depending on size).
The Nubuck features either Royal Blue, Cobalt Blue, Burgundy, Off-White, Khaki Brown or Emerald Green center in Nubuck (similar to a micro suede).
These are finished in tricolor variety with black leather finishing and wings in a darker shade of brown or khaki. The Phantom bag with trim comes in either Royal Blue with orange trim or Khaki Brown with blue trim and available in the ‘Mini Phantom’ size (smaller wing span) or larger phantom version.
It also looks like new sold Mini Luggage bags are available in Khaki Brown and the Royal Blue color is re-introduced.
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  • Prices for Tricolor Nubuck Nano Luggage – 1900USD
  • Prices for Tricolor Nubuck Mini Luggage (same for solid) – 2400USD
  • Prices for Mini Phantom Bag with color trim – 2600USD
  • Prices for Large Phantom Bag with color trim – 2950USD
  • Price for Natural Python Phantom Bag – 4550USD

If you are unsure about the styles, check-out the reference guide here.


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