Lauren Conrad wearing Balenciaga Town mGH Bag

Balenciaga, Where to Buy?

Lauren Conrad wearing Balenciaga Town mGH Bag


Lauren Conrad was spotted wearing the Balenciaga Town Bag in mini RGGH hardware while doing a flurry of promotions for her upcoming book The Fame Game. I don’t often see socialites/starlets wear the town bag, but this bag is actually really cute on her small frame. I usually only see her wearing Chanel flaps (you can spot that she hasn’t let go of her chanel bags since she sports a tote on her way to LAX along with the bal bag), but its definitely a nice change since Balenciaga’s are so versatile.
The Balenciaga bag is no longer coming out with the giant hardware, and you can only get the “mini” version in rose-gold, regular or silver hardware. The town bag is small so the smaller hardware looks better on it.

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