Celine Trapeze Bag: Sturdier Design for 2012


Celine Trapeze Bag: Sturdier Design for 2012


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A follow-up to my post of the improved Celine Phantom Bag , is the new improved Celine Trapeze Bag found in the Pre-fall 2012 line-up. Here is one spotted in stores at Barneys. It features a narrower frame, so not as big in depth and less boxy, more retangular and narrow. The wingspan has been brought in closer, much like the new Phantom design (closer to the luggage). The flap looks much more sturdy, which is to support the top-handle since over time, the flap becomes curved due to use.
What do you think of the new change for 2012?

Fall winter 2011 Trapeze Bag

Spring / Pre-fall 2012 Trapeze Bag

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