Ebay Selling: Avoid selling to non paying bidders

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Ebay Selling: Avoid selling to non paying bidders


When I first started using Ebay it was a complete shock to learn that people would buy items and not pay.. which to me defeats the purpose because the likelihood of me shipping the product to you would be nil! Albeit when I used to frequent denim forum and did the buy and sell, I would sometimes meet up with the buyer and feared that they would last minute change their mind and not pay me — resulting in no recourse by me! Here are tips to avoid selling to non paying bidders:
Always set a filter for blocking sellers:

  1. My Ebay
  2. My Account tab
  3. Site Preferences
  4. Buyer Requirements
  5. Edit
  • Block Buyers without a PayPal account
  • Block Buyers with 2 unpaid item strikes within 12 months
  • Block buyers with Policy Violations
  • Block buyers with -1 feedback score
  • Block people who are winning more than X items in 10 days, limits the ability for buyers remourse but at least the buyer will contact you if they happen to want to purchase multiple items from you.

Review the buyers that have been blocked on your filters by:

  1. Choose My eBay
  2. Select My account
  3. Pick Site Preferences
  4. Drop down to Buyer Requirements
  5. Click on Buyer Requirements Activity Log

By reviewing your activity log you could also identify legitimate buyers that were inadvertently blocked. At least in this way the filters will GREATLY reduce the likelihood of an  unpaid buyer.
Send a notice to pay automatically:

  1. Select My Account
  2. Under Site Preferences
  3. Select Manage Communications
  4. Select Unpaid Item Assistant

Use this tool to remind the buyer to pay you within 2 days of winning, in case you are too busy to do the reminding. That way the buyer will get a friendly NUDGE to pay you since they won!

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