Designer Resale Reviews


Designer Resale Reviews


Don’t ever pay retail price for a designer bag, accessory, shoe or apparel — Ever Again!

I’ve laid it all out plain and simple, the rated designer resale websites for your needs whether it is:

  1. To buy a designer piece that is now discontinued.
  2. To buy a designer piece and you’re unwilling to pay the full retail price.
  3. The best places to consign* your unused but barely worn item.

You can read all my reviews: Here
As well the top two designer resale thus far in terms of: amount of merchandise, favorable buying terms (ie. Layaway options, international shipping) and Consignment agreement (ie. profit break-down)

Finally, honorable mentions can be found here: Highest-Rated Rankings
*consign = taking your second hand good and entering into a contract whereby the consignee sells the item for you

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