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Louis Vuitton price increase on bags and accessories reported in April 2013

The Louis Vuitton Price List guide currently tracks some of the bags listed on the Louis Vuitton website and there has been apparent 5-10% increase in most handbags priced in USD since January. This coincides with what’s been reported recently from some news outlets of an apparent price increase. An HSBC analyst as quoted by Bloomberg indicated that prices for non-leather goods such as the Speedy and Neverfull will increase as much as 10% in the Euro region, with similar increases in other countries including the US and the Asian markets (such as Japan, Singapore, China).

Some examples of the price increases are included below:

Style of Bag

Price Before

Price After

% change

Louis Vuitton Empreinte Speedy bag $2,490.00(USD) $2,650.00(USD) 6.5%
Louis Vuitton Audacieuse MM bag $3,160.00(USD) $3,360.00(USD) 6.5%
Louis Vuitton Stellar Mahina bag $3,950.00(USD) $4,250.00(USD) 7.5%


Check-out the Louis Vutton Price List Reference guide for more information. Note that not all bags are listed on the price list reference but the Louis Vuitton bag Reference Guides are updated unless otherwise indicated. Prices may vary by your country and the price may differ by the point in time in which the initial price was recorded. For reference use only.

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